Stories From The Road

Our clients speak with us—in the barber’s chair or at Ground Zero—and share their stories. We listen because we care. And in listening we come to understand them better as human beings. This understanding guides us in helping them—whether it’s for a meal or a detox referral.

One of the guys getting a haircut told us about his daughter’s death and about the pain that consumed him non-stop. He spoke about how she was loving, kind, and beautiful, and how much he still missed her. He’d just received a phone call a few days ago from the young woman who had received his daughter’s heart after she passed. The young lady thanked him profusely and they cried together on the phone. They decided to meet on Father’s Day. He was crying now as he said, “I can’t wait to meet my new daughter. It will erase this pain and make my heart full again.

— Rob

It was minus 8 out and snowing. People were huddled in doorways, under tarps, and walking around trying to find somewhere warm to rest. We drove up to numerous people and asked if they wanted a hot Christmas meal and the excitement in their eyes and joy on their faces was worth every effort that went into that day.

— The Ground Zero team

At one of our outreaches, we ran into C and K, who were rebuilding their camp as it had been washed out. They were in good spirits, but a little frustrated from the weather and the work they had to put back into building a new camp. We delivered pizza, gave them warm blankets, encouraged them, and hugged them. It was good to see our friends.

— The Ground Zero team