Ground Zero Ministries was founded in 2021 by Joseph Sikora and volunteers dedicated to helping the homeless live in dignity—through food and essential living supplies, including haircuts. Our name comes from the informal name given to a homeless encampment in Abbotsford, BC, where we operate.

Sikora was originally part of a Vancouver community service organization of barbers called ‘Street Thug Barbers’ who gave free haircuts to the homeless of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood.

“Giving someone a haircut is an act of love,” says Sikora. “You’re showing respect and rebuilding dignity—and making a person look better improves their confidence.”

For Sikora, it’s more than a haircut—it’s an opportunity to talk to those with addictions or mental-health issues and to really understand them.

“While they’re sitting in our chair, we get a chance to tell them our story and they get to tell us theirs,” he explains.

“And when you show love to somebody, you re-instil value, meaning, hope, and purpose in them.  Anything’s possible then.”

Sikora, along with his barber partner Candice Rathy soon saw the true need of these people and began giving away food and whatever living supplies he could obtain—from socks to blankets to toiletries. Ground Zero Ministries is currently in need of new supplies—from blankets to clothing to bottled water to food—for homeless families and individuals.

Last year, while he was distributing supplies at the encampment, Sikora saw people huddled together for warmth without heat—and even a little girl without shoes.

It was a striking moment. Ground Zero Ministries was launched soon after, serving those in need, at the site of their need.

“Every person that we see, we tell them, ‘We love you and it’s great to see you,’” he says. “We don’t just go out there and hand out food. We give love and provide resources for the next step.”